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Down Under blown away by Haco’s Q5 CNC turret punching machine

At the Techni Show Utrecht and Industrie Paris, two large trade fairs in the sheet metal working industry that already took place this year, the new Q5 CNC turret punching machine from Haco caught people’s attention. In the meantime we have also sold a punching machine in New Zealand, and Down Under they are totally blown away by the capabilities of the Haco Q5 series.


It fills us with pride that Q5 CNC turret punching machines are also sold to customers as far away as New Zealand – to Escea, for example, a specialist in smart gas fireplaces for indoors as well as outdoors. If this customer also sings its praise in a blog post on its own website, then we feel confirmed in our status as a global player.

Training and customer service as far away as New Zealand

According to Sales Executive Kurt Bossuyt, the fact that Haco spares neither expense nor effort to personally advise customers and to provide all necessary service was a determinative factor, even if it means travelling to distant New Zealand to do so. “It is a long flight to Dunedin – you are travelling the whole day. But we are happy to do that for a customer like this. Our technician Frederique also trained the local operator of the machine in great detail, and furthermore we now provide advice for operation and maintenance through interventions via the Internet – Haco’s online service, if you will.”

We also sounded out Kurt Bossuyt concerning…

5 reasons why Escea opted for Haco…


Escea appreciated the fact that they could purchase directly from the constructor, Haco, and did not have to go through an agent.


The fact that Haco runs an office in Melbourne was interesting to Escea. This also meant for them only a two-hour time difference for talking with the supplier.


At Haco, we try to inform the customer as well and as clearly as possible. Escea was very satisfied with the presentation delivered by the two-man sales team.


For the Q5, Haco put together a somewhat longer video that literally demonstrates nearly everything it can do. Seeing is believing!

  • By the way, you can watch the entire range of CNC punching machines in action here!


Haco offered the most competitive price.

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  • turret1-4.jpg

3 reasons why Escea opted for the Q5 (and not for the Q3 or Q2)…

1.  The Q5 can handle folds up to 75mm flange height. This is a unique capability of the machine that Escea will certain use in future.

2.  The Q5 can boast of its 3,000mm X-axis, so that much less repositioning is required.

3.  The Q5 is much more powerful.

More reading material about the Q5 series…

Escea is convinced of the punching power of the Q5 CNC turret punching machine. If your appetite for information is not yet satiated, then make sure to read one of our articles with 5 FAQs and answers about punching machines and the article on why the Haco Q series are truly the machines for the 21st century.

VIDEO. A view of the Escea Workshop

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