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Haco Atlantic ready to surprise 27,000 visitors to the FabTech trade fair

FabTech – North America's largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event – is being held from 11 - 13 November in Atlanta (USA). The major fairs in Europe, including Euroblech, will be over by then, and so the 27,000 American sheet metal professionals that will visit FabTech will have had to wait a bit longer for all the news and innovations in Haco’s range of solutions. But Haco Atlantic CEO Ron Palick is firmly convinced that their patience will be more than rewarded. We asked him to tell us about his plans for FabTech.

  • Haco Atlantic CEO Ron Palick about FabTech 2014
  • Euromaster Fast Bend Control at FabTech2014

Which machines will you be presenting at FabTech?

Ron Palick: “We plan to have a Q5, and a Pressmaster.”

Of the machines that will be on display, which one do you love the most?

Ron Palick: “The most anticipated machine is going to be the Pressmaster. This is a press brake that I think can go head-to-head with just about any competitor when it comes to features and benefits at a very competitive price point. Today, more and more customers are looking for press brakes that enable them to get more throughput through their shop. This brake is the answer for them.

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Please give us 3 reasons why people should visit Haco’s stand...

Ron Palick: “First, they should come to see our new Pressmaster and see what it offers them. Second, they need to pay particular attention to the FastBend and EasyBend controls, which make programming universally easy. Gone are the days of complicated controls. Today’s controls can be learned quickly by anyone – with or without press brake experience.Third, they need to come and see the new Q5 and what it represents. It’s the next leap forward in punching capabilities, especially forming and tapping.”

In what direction do you want to take Haco Atlantic from here?

Ron Palick: “Haco Atlantic needs to educate prospects and existing customers to the fact that we are now offering equipment that can match any of our competitors. We are offering modern controls that make programming easy. They need to understand that we offer a compelling product at a very competitive price.

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