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Haco Mubea Systems at EMO: "An amazingly innovative newcomer" 

Till saturday(21/9) Haco Mubea Systems is participating in the EMO 2013 show in Hannover with the aim to show the machining world that Mubea Systems has uniquely customized 5-axis machining centers. "Haco is famous for their sheet metalworking solutions, but we offer so much more today. The sky is the limit", says Ralf Ralf Düsterhus (Haco Mubea Systems Germany).


Can you introduce yourself, Ralf?

I'm sales manager for Haco Mubea Systems Germany. I've been working for the Haco Group since 2012, after working seven years for Hezinger Maschinen GmbH (2005-2012).

What do you want to achieve in the next five years with Haco Germany?

The HACO Group has evolved into a company that produces not only sheet metal machines, but also larger and more complex machines, like CNC machining centers. That's what we want to make clear here at EMO Hannover to our German customers. We're famous for our sheet metal working solutions, but offer also customized solutions for 5-axis machining of composite, aluminum, titanium, casting and steel.

On which upcoming exhibition will we see you again?

Our next exhibition will be Blechexpo at Stuttgart (5-8 november). We'll introduce our newest press brake and our Q5 cnc punching machine able to fold up to 75 mm!


Haco Mubea Systems has a lot of Chinese customers, but still wants to increase their network in Asia. Maria Zhang, representing Haco Mubea Systems at EMO, explains.

"I'm the operating director of Mubea Systems in China. We want to put Mubea Systems on the Asian market. We already have a good reputation, but still need more dealers to represent Mubea Systems!"

"That's why I'm here at the Emo Hannover exhibition. A lot of Asian customers are visisting EMO. I'm here to talk to them and show them our newest solutions! Once they see what we can, they're convinced immediately!" 

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