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HACO plays in the sheet metal working Champion’s League

This year, at the two large, local trade fairs for industrial production technology - Industrie Paris and EuroBLECH- nobody will be able to pass by the HACO stand.

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The Techni-Show has now closed its doors. Haco has positioned itself as a world player in the field of super-efficient machines (speed and precision) with a new type of high-speed press brake, the EUROMASTER S, and its new and unique range of CNC punching machines with forming and bending capacities, the Q3 and the Q5.

“Unique machines that can take on the competition from all of the major players in this market, with the emphasis on speed and precision”, explains Jim Bogaert, Marketing Director at HACO.

Updated range of high-end press brakes

“The speed of the ram and backgauge in our new press brakes is setting new standards. With this new range, we are firmly establishing ourselves within the high-end segment of the sheet metal working industry and would like to demonstrate this at all of the trade fairs and events this year. With our new product line, we are appealing to all sheet metal working companies, OEMs and/or specialised suppliers that need machines that can produce 7 days a week with an exceptionally high degree of efficiency.”

Showcasing Q-series CNC punching machines in Utrecht

Bogaert has just returned from the Techni-Show in Utrecht, the first large, international gathering of the year. He didn’t stay at the stand all day long; he also mingled with the visitors in order to get a sense of how things are going. “When we demonstrated our Q5, jaws dropped when the machine not only punched but also began folding up to a height of 75 mm. This is a new and interesting feature for many people", says Bogaert. The Q5 allows you to carry out many of the secondary processes, alongside the more traditional punching and nibbling, on the same machine. “Haco’s Q-series multifunctional punching machines for sheet metal products are considered top of the range”, expands Bogaert, “and we are also tapping into new customer potential as a result.”

HACO launches PRESSMASTER during EuroBLECH 2014 in Hannover

The fact that HACO has been able to consolidate its position in the Champion’s League of the sheet metal working industry in 2014 with a strategic choice to focus on the high-end segment, will be further confirmed at Euroblech in Hannover. At this landmark for the sheet metal working industry, the champion of champions will be presented: the PRESSMASTER press brake.

What extras can the PRESSMASTER offer?

  • a higher daylight opening/stroke/gap
  • FastBEND-2D controller with innovative Full Touch user interface
  • an even quicker 4-axes backgauge
  • even quicker ram return speed
If you are unable to attend one of these 3 trade fairs you can also find us at other shows and events. Check our event calendar!

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