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Social economy taps into new markets thanks to Haco's Drillflex CNC drill

A client's request for hole-drilling works into L-profiles recently caused considerable head-scratching at the sheltered workshop Ateliers Jean Del'Cour. The reason: it involved a great many holes. In a great many profiles. More precisely: it involved a contract for three years' work. Now, Jean Del'Cour may be active in the social economy, but that doesn't mean that efficiency is not important. And efficiency just happens to be the ace in the hole of the Haco Drillflex CNC drill…


After Ateliers Jean Del’Cour received the above contract from a big client in the housing construction industry, it quickly became clear that a manual magnet drill was not going to get the job done.

Quick and efficient drilling into heavy L-profiles

But the subsequent search for a supplier of automatic CNC drills proved all but plain sailing. After all: the work would involve heavy L-profiles and highly accurate placement of the holes. Quite impossible to do manually, but unfortunately the offer of CNC drills failed to provide a satisfactory solution at first.

That is ... until our product manager Christian Lahousse showed up on their doorstep. After thorough analysis of the works Christian Lahousse was dead certain: this would be a piece of cake for the Drillflex! It took only two visits to the client to convince the purchasing managers of the qualities of the Drillflex CNC drill: its speed and precision would earn back most of its investment with the three-year contract alone. 

Haco Drillflex, a weapon for the future

“Furthermore, the Ateliers Jean Del’Cour are now fully equipped for other contracts in the housing construction market and similar sectors that are in need of heavy profiles and precision drilling. Not many companies in our region are capable of delivering this type of work. With the Haco Drillflex we really feel ready for the future”, Jérémy Lemaire, head of production at Ateliers Jean Del'Cour tells us.


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We decided to take a look at how our Haco Drillflex CNC drill performs at the Ateliers Jean Del’Cour and came back with the following video and interview with a very satisfied Jérémy Lemaire. They are happy, so we are happy!


Have a look at the technical specifications and read this article about how the Haco Drillflex CNC drill helps to control radioactivity in Chernobyl. 

VIDEO: Interview with Jérémy Lemaire: Technical Manager at Jean Del'Cour

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