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Truck manufacturer acquires Euromaster S pressbrakes in tandem

Building a truck is no small feat – it is must be strong and durable. For pressing out the chassis and the trailers, only a machine system capable of taking 8,000mm lengths and 800 tonne will do. Grant Engineered is a custom-build truck manufacturing company based in Sydney, specialising in heavy haulage B-doubles and dog trailers for the construction industry. The decision to increase in-house capacity led to the company acquiring two Haco 5-axis CNC Euromaster S pressbrakes that can be used in tandem as required.


Working with heavy duty materials such as Hardox 450 and Domex 700 grade steels, the company manufactures tippers and fuel tanks. Repairs, parts, tool boxes and smaller tasks typically use aluminium and sheetmetal. The range of applications extends from building live floor trailers and lime spreaders, to repairs on excavator buckets. Generally, the company uses thicknesses of 3.2mm – 12mm of Hardox for truck and tipper manufacturing while the chassis is constructed using the Domex material.

Chassis and side walls

The decision to increase in-house capacity led to the company acquiring two Haco 5-axis CNC Euromaster S  pressbrakes that can be used in tandem as required. The Haco pressbrakes are used to build the chassis and side walls for the trucks. The tandem set up is used as much as three days per fortnight to enable the building of a minimum two live floor trucks and dog trailers in a two month time frame.

Individually, the pressbrakes are regularly used to undertake smaller repair works or the manufacture of parts for as many as 120 jobs per week.

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Operational length of eight metres at 100 tonne per metre

“In the last ten years the business has increased enough to warrant the purchase of two pressbrakes that can be used in tandem,” said Grant O’Brien, owner of Grant Engineered. “The advantage for us is that they can connect together to give us an operational length of eight metres at 100 tonne per metre. The flexibility of that system means that we can operate over a greater range of lengths and weights. We no longer need to outsource the work to other companies. It makes it more convenient and allows us to plan when we schedule our work load. We can be doing sheetmetal work one week and then heavy manufacturing the next.”

“When we made the decision to get the pressbrakes from Haco Australia I was impressed by the capacity and quality of the machines and the capability it would give me for truck building. The way it is able to be linked in tandem in the workshop is quite good. The accuracy and new technology that comes as part of the machine means that we can be quite precise in our designs,” said Mr O’Brien.


“We have seen a 25% increase in productivity now that we don’t need to outsource our bigger tasks to other companies, which has enabled us to take on more of the smaller jobs. The freedom to schedule work and react to urgent jobs since the introduction of the two pressbrakes has been wonderful.”

“Aside from the pressbrakes, we have our own spray-paint booth, overhead cranes and other small fabrication equipment to maximise our efficiency and capabilities. The jewel in the crown is definitely the Haco pressbrakes”.

The jewel in the crown

“Using two machines in tandem is a more economical option for Grant Engineered,” said Haco Australia Manager, Kurt Bossuyt. “Two machines give them the flexibility to set up one for sheetmetal work and the other for heavy duty tasks and then combine them as needed for the longer, heavier components. Going to a machine that is specifically designed for the heavier operations would have required changes to the factory foundations – this has been avoided with the tandem system.”

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