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HACO CANADA: 40 Holtby Avenue, Unit 7, Brampton, Ontario, L6X 2M1 T 1-866-605-1087

HACO ATLANTIC: North America 11629 N. Houston Rosslyn Road Houston, TX 77086 T 1(281)-445-3985

Sheet Metal

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Sheet metal press brake: bending

When it comes to sheet metal press brakes, Haco Atlantic is definitely a major player in its league. Our product range includes press brakes with capacities from 40 to 2,000 tons and working lengths from 1.6 to 10 m. To be able to meet you're needs, we also build custom press brakes. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us!


  • Pressmaster

    The PRESSMASTER is a Top-Level Synchro Pressbrake with increased daylight opening, stroke & gap featuring excellent bending angle precision.

  • Euromaster S

    The EUROMASTER S is a High-End Synchro Pressbrake which features excellent bending angle precision.

  • Euromaster E

    The EUROMASTER E is a synchro press brake with excellent angular precision. It is a well-equipped multi-axis CNC press brake with electro-hydraulic levelling and depth control. 

  • ATP Blue Line

    Our Atlantic Blue Line CNC pressbrakes (type ATP) are a cost-effective, low maintenance, CNC controlled synchro pressbrake.

  • High capacity HDSY

    By custom building big press brakes, we can meet your every requirement. We also offer tandem and tridem press brakes to bend very long sheets.

  • Robot Bending

    Modern bending requirements such as productivity, quality and production speed, have led to an increasing demand for automated bending systems. Haco offers a unique approach to robotised bending or robotic bending.

  • SyncView

    Haco is launching a totally new concept for press brake controllers: SyncView, an innovative dynamic display located on the beam that moves horizontally to the correct bending location. There are multiple advantages compared to a static controller – with time-savings, improved ergonomics and safety as the primary gains. A world first from Haco!